Information for Prospective Students

  • CWRU's Listing in the AIP Guide [PDF]
    This is the CWRU Physics Department listing in the AIP Guide to Graduate Schools. This lists all of our faculty, lots of statistics about the department, etc.
  • Graduate Program Summary [PDF]
    This is the "flyer" that describes the degree programs in Physics and outlines the department degree requirements.
  • Presentation to Prospective Graduate Students [2013 PDF] [2012 PDF]
    Here are short presentations given to prospective physics graduate students. Compact information for the First Year Student. Free advice and worth the price.

Important Documents

  • Graduate Student Checklist [PDF]
    Currently we use a Google Form for the checklist. The above is an old copy of the same form.
  • Advancement to Candidacy [PDF]
    When you arrive at CWRU, you are "in the PhD program" but not yet a "PhD Candidate." Official PhD candidacy means that the Physics Department AND the School of Graduate Studies agree that you are well-prepared to begin research activities that will lead toward your dissertation. Becoming a PhD candidate first requires the approval of the Physics department, which is usually contingent upon three things: 1) Passing the qualifier at the PhD level, 2) Achieving a satisfactory academic record, and 3) Being associated with a research group that could lead to dissertation research. The recommendation for candidacy by the Physics department will usually appear in your notice of the qualifier result. The second step is to receive the approval of the School of Graduate Studies. To do this, you must consult with your research advisor and/or the Director of Graduate Studies in Physics to complete and submit a Planned Program of Study (directions are on this page), have it approved, then fill out the attached Advancement to Candidacy Form and submit it to the School of Graduate Studies. After approval by SGS, you are then considered an "official" PhD candidate and are free to register for PHYS 701.
  • Course Descriptions [PDF]
  • How to fill out your planned program of study (PPOS) [PDF]
  • FAQ about the PPOS [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Physics 539 (Reading Course) [PDF]
    Everything you need to know about how to set up a reading course for letter-grade graduate credit.
  • Case Western Graduate Student Handbook [PDF]

Written Qualifier

  • Qualifier FAQs [PDF]
    A document that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about the qualifier.
  • Old qualifier exams [ZIP]

Topical Oral Exam

  • Topical Oral Exam Form [PDF]
    This form must be signed and submitted by the student's Topical Oral Exam Committee.
  • Topical Oral Exam Guidelines [PDF]
    This describes in detail everything you need to know to set up and plan for the Topical Oral Exam that every PhD student is required to take.

Resources at Case