PGSA Meetings

  • Minutes from September 6th, 2018 [PDF]

Our Commitment to Diversity:

We, the graduate students of the Physics Department at Case Western Reserve University, acknowledge the continued culture of discrimination globally within STEMM fields. To combat this within our department, we resolve to encourage our colleagues and ourselves to improve the social and professional engagement of the department. We charge ourselves with the responsibility of mindfully developing programs, activities, and policies that will appeal to our diverse community. It is our hope that by instituting these practices we will make our department a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

2018-19 PGSA Officers

Position Person Photo Bio
President Allen Foster Allen Foster Allen is a fourth year grad student in John Ruhl's lab working on the South Pole Telescope. In his spare time he enjoys wondering what people do with spare time, and when he isn't doing that, he's most likely out running or playing shotty defense for the CWRU club hockey team.
Vice President Kyle Crowley Kyle Crowley Kyle is a fourth year grad student working in Xuan Gao's lab.
Information Administrator(s) Ruihao Li Info Admin Ruihao is a second year grad student working with Pavel Fileviez Perez. His current research focuses on particle phenomenology. When he is not working on physics, he likes to play some basketball and watch cat videos.
Faculty Liaison Shamreen Iram Shamreen Iram Shamreen is a fourth year grad student in Michael Hinczewski's group and works on diffusive processes in sticky biological systems. She can mostly be found lurking around Rockefeller- looking scowly and giving off dark vibes. In her free time she dreams about saving the world and watches anime. She also insists she is very cool. No, really.
GCAS Representative Milo Korman Milo Korman Milo is a fourth year grad student working in John Ruhl's lab on the South Pole Telescope. In addition to physics, he is interested in Ultimate Frisbee, NBA basketball, and dismantling capitalism. Feel free to contact him to talk about any of those things.
First Year Representative Brian Holler Brian Holler Brian is a second year grad student who is currently working with Dr. Gao, studying electronic tranport properties of 2D topological insulators. Brian received his Bachelors of Science in Physics from John Carroll University in 2017. On his free time, Brian enjoys exploring the city for new places to eat, cheering on the Cavs, and playing board games with his family.