Welcome to the Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA)


The PGSA is a "graduate student government" but we also serve as the social organizing hub for our department.
  • EVERY graduate student in the department is a member, even if you never attend a meeting. This includes: master's students, PhD students, STEP students, international students, and domestic students.
  • We hold meetings once a month. Most of these are "coffee" meetings, where we discuss issues causing problems for graduate students (for example, if the course load is too difficult from first years) but twice a semester we have "pizza" meetings. At pizza meetings we all sit around over free pizza, catch up on what's happened at all those smaller meetings, and congratulate ourselves on how awesome we are.
  • Our model of student government operates with the motto: "representation through participation". Meaning, that although we try (I mean, we really do try) to be fair and represent all of our students' interests, this is much easier to do if those students are coming to at least one meeting a semester. We encourage you to find the time to branch out of your cohort or research group to come to a few meetings. At the very least, you can make new friends.
Please use this form to submit an anonymous comment, question, concern, or PGSA meeting agenda item.

Our Commitment to Diversity:

We, the graduate students of the Physics Department at Case Western Reserve University, acknowledge the continued culture of discrimination globally within STEMM fields. To combat this within our department, we resolve to encourage our colleagues and ourselves to improve the social and professional engagement of the department. We charge ourselves with the responsibility of mindfully developing programs, activities, and policies that will appeal to our diverse community. It is our hope that by instituting these practices we will make our department a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

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