November, 2004: This page is pretty much out of date but I am keeping it around for archival purposes in case there is someone out there running RH7.3. Meanwhile you should check out the Revised and Updated Version of this page

Linux RedHat 7.3 installed dual boot with Windows XP on an IBM Thinkpad X23.

8 June 2002: After a few false starts, I installed RedHat Linux version 7.3 on my IBM Thinkpad X23. I am a happy guy. You can be happy too.

Updates (below):

Disclaimer: The following represents what I think I should have done. The route I actually took involved several mis-steps. I'm not Linux expert, just someone who uses Linux all of the time to get real work done. I'm sure there are better ways to do this than I have shown here. No promises. Your mileage may vary.

That's it.I have XP and a good working Linux RedHat 7.3. There are lots of things I have not tried yet in Linux:

Update 15 June 2002: Added "lilfat" partition

I still have not figured out a way to convince Boot Magic to leave the second primary partition with the FAT system as "unhidden" once Boot Magic has been installed. Using Partition Magic to unhide the partition seems to work -- but it immediately reverts to hidden at the subsequent boot. This is annyoing because I would like there to be at least one small piece of the disk that both XP and Linux can mount easily. A work around: I used Partition Magic to make the Linux Swap space smaller (from around 250 MBytes to just under 200 MBytes). This works fine even though you get a warning that the file system is unsupported. Once the space is freed up, make a new logical FAT partition in the gap and (since you are not booting it and since it lives as a logical partition) it stays unhidden and will be automatically mounted by XP and by Linux with the proper addition to fstab:
dev/hda8               /mnt/lilfat             vfat    defaults        0 0
This works just fine especially for transferring small msdos files that I get in email.

Update 15 Sep 2002: DSL works great.

We got DSL at home -- Ameritech which uses PPPoE. To make a connections I downloaded the latest source code of RP-PPPoE free from Roaring Penguin -- this is Version 3.5 with a very nice GUI setup and running monitor. It worked perfectly right out of the box. Good work to the people at Roaring Penguin!

By the way, this IBM X23 Thinkpad laptop is really quite nice. It hasn't message me up yet.

Update 01 Mar 2003: Waiting for RH 8.1

The X23 is still going strong. Best laptop I ever bought. Really.

I've received advertising from Power Quest Software that there is a Version 8 of Boot Magic and Partition Magic. My impression is that the new version will support ext3 file systems and will also solve this annoying "hidden fat partition" problem I indicated above. But I have not bought the new version yet.

I'm waiting for RH 8.1 to come out in April. RH 8.0 sounds pretty good but I already have some evidence that the compiler is not as bug-free as I would like it to be. When 8.1 comes out in April I will backup all of my user files, get Partition Magic 8 and try a grand re-install from scratch. I'll let you know how it goes.

Update 12 June 2003: RedHat 9 Installed

Obviously, Waiting for Redhat 8.1 was like waiting for Godot -- it was a no show. Instead we got RedHat 9. Pretty good. Click Here for details.
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