Jonathan A. Covault, 1967-2000

High Resolution Images

The following 71 thumbnails link to JPEG images at at maximum scanned resolution (300 DPI). This is the resolution to produce near-photographic-quality images on a nice color printer. Note that these files are large (about 1 MByte each!) and will take several minutes per image to download at modem speeds.

If you want regular resolution images (about 70 dpi) then click here to return to the main Jon Covault page at this site.

If you want to grab all 71 high resolution images plus all the HTML documents in a single zip file (that's 60 MBytes!) then click here. Warning, this will take several hours to download via modem! Send me email and I will be happy to send to the files on a zip disk.

jon_01.jpg jon_hires_02.jpg jon_hires_03.jpg jon_hires_04.jpg
jon_hires_05.jpg jon_hires_06.jpg jon_hires_07.jpg jon_hires_08.jpg
jon_hires_09.jpg jon_hires_10.jpg jon_hires_11.jpg jon_hires_12.jpg
jon_hires_13.jpg jon_hires_14.jpg jon_hires_15.jpg jon_hires_16.jpg
jon_hires_17.jpg jon_hires_18.jpg jon_hires_19.jpg jon_hires_20.jpg
jon_hires_21.jpg jon_hires_22.jpg jon_hires_23.jpg jon_hires_24.jpg
jon_hires_25.jpg jon_hires_26.jpg jon_hires_27.jpg jon_hires_28.jpg
jon_hires_29.jpg jon_hires_30.jpg jon_hires_31.jpg jon_hires_32.jpg
jon_hires_33.jpg jon_hires_34.jpg jon_hires_35.jpg jon_hires_36.jpg
jon_hires_37.jpg jon_hires_38.jpg jon_hires_39.jpg jon_hires_40.jpg
jon_hires_41.jpg jon_hires_42.jpg jon_hires_43.jpg jon_hires_44.jpg
jon_hires_45.jpg jon_hires_46.jpg jon_hires_47.jpg jon_hires_48.jpg
jon_hires_49.jpg jon_hires_50.jpg jon_hires_51.jpg jon_hires_52.jpg
jon_hires_53.jpg jon_hires_54.jpg jon_hires_55.jpg jon_hires_57.jpg
jon_hires_57.jpg jon_hires_58.jpg jon_hires_59.jpg jon_hires_60.jpg
jon_hires_61.jpg jon_hires_62.jpg jon_hires_63.jpg jon_hires_64.jpg
jon_hires_65.jpg jon_hires_66.jpg jon_hires_67.jpg jon_hires_68.jpg
jon_hires_69.jpg jon_hires_70.jpg jon_hires_71.jpg