Jonathan A. Covault, 1967-2000

This is a simple set of web pages I put together in honor of my younger brother, Jonathan, who died suddenly and unexpectedly on June 24, 2000, a few weeks before he was to be wed.

This page contains thumbnail images of a collection of photos that were displayed at the luncheon following Jonathan's funeral (6-28-00). They are presented in completely random order.

If you want to read the eulogy that I read for Jon at his funeral, click here.

Here I reproduce the obituaries as printed The Oakland Press and the The Detroit Free Press. There was a third obituary from the Observer/Eccentric as well.

The following 71 thumbnails link to JPEG images that are of an appropriate size for display on most computer terminals (about 70 dpi). They are small enough (less than 100 KBytes each) so that they should only take a few seconds each to download even on a slow modem.

If you want to see all of these images full size regular resolution (70 dpi) as part of a single HTML dcoment, click here.

If you want to download these images at maximum scanned resolution (300 DPI) then click here for high resolution images (about 1 MByte each!).

Thanks to Chris and Dad who helped scan these in. Thanks to Mom, Justine, Margaret, and Cindy who provided pictures. This page was put together by Corbin Covault using the old-fashioned technique of hand-editing HTML.

July 4, 2000

jon_01.jpg jon_02.jpg jon_03.jpg jon_04.jpg
jon_05.jpg jon_06.jpg jon_07.jpg jon_08.jpg
jon_09.jpg jon_10.jpg jon_11.jpg jon_12.jpg
jon_13.jpg jon_14.jpg jon_15.jpg jon_16.jpg
jon_17.jpg jon_18.jpg jon_19.jpg jon_20.jpg
jon_21.jpg jon_22.jpg jon_23.jpg jon_24.jpg
jon_25.jpg jon_26.jpg jon_27.jpg jon_28.jpg
jon_29.jpg jon_30.jpg jon_31.jpg jon_32.jpg
jon_33.jpg jon_34.jpg jon_35.jpg jon_36.jpg
jon_37.jpg jon_38.jpg jon_39.jpg jon_40.jpg
jon_41.jpg jon_42.jpg jon_43.jpg jon_44.jpg
jon_45.jpg jon_46.jpg jon_47.jpg jon_48.jpg
jon_49.jpg jon_50.jpg jon_51.jpg jon_52.jpg
jon_53.jpg jon_54.jpg jon_55.jpg jon_57.jpg
jon_57.jpg jon_58.jpg jon_59.jpg jon_60.jpg
jon_61.jpg jon_62.jpg jon_63.jpg jon_64.jpg
jon_65.jpg jon_66.jpg jon_67.jpg jon_68.jpg
jon_69.jpg jon_70.jpg jon_71.jpg