Speaker Bio: Cacey Stevens

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago

Cacey Stevens was the top graduate in May 2008 at Southern University - Baton Rouge with a Bachelor’s degree in physics. Upon graduation, she started the Ph.D. program in physics at the University of Chicago and received a Masters in Science degree in 2010. As a student for Professor Sidney Nagel, a soft condensed matter experimentalist, her research focuses on drop impact in a low-pressure environment at low velocities. Cacey is a recipient of the GAANN Graduate Teaching fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education, as well as the NSF Graduate Research fellowship.

Cacey is greatly involved in education and outreach activities. As a student coordinator of University of Chicago MRSEC Science club, she teaches science concepts to young kids by using simple experiments and demonstrations. This year she was a volunteer for the annual “Physics with a Bang”, a show to the public held at the University of Chicago. She also serves as an event coordinator for the Women in Physics group on campus. Through social events, this group supports female students in the department and discusses ways to improve the climate for women in physics at the university.