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Arts and Sciences
Materials for Opto/Electronics Research and Education (MORE Center) Fabrication, characterization of materials & devices for solar energy, emerging electronics & optoelectronic technologies
NMR Facilities Modern NMR experiments, including different nuclei analysis, molecular structure, dynamics & reaction mechanisms
Physics Machine Shop
(Please contact Dr. Ina Martin)
Fabrication & design of custom apparatus
Chemistry Instrumentation Facility Analytical Instrumentation such as MS, GC, HPLC, AAS, FTIR and UV/vis
Case School of Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing and Reliability Center (AMMRC) Advanced manufacturing and mechanical characterization, deformation simulator, bending fatigue, tension, compression, torsion testing equipment, high pressure testing
Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials (SCSAM) Instrumentation for microstructural characterization of materials, surface and near-surface chemical analysis
Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Center (SDLE) Capabilities in environmental exposure & materials evaluation, including spectrophotometry, scatterometry & other analysis
Electrochemical Engineering and Energy Laboratory (EEEL) Electrochemical energy efficiency, conversion, and storage technologies, focus on fuel cell technologies, flow batteries, electrochemical synthesis of fuels
Engineering Services Fabrication Center Develop and fabricate an original design or assist in the modification of existing laboratory devices
Electronics Design Center (EDC) R&D sensor production, microfabrication, clean room access, sputtering, wafer dicing, thick film printing
Think[box] Invention center to tinker and creatively invent
School of Medicine
School of Medicine Core Facilities Functional listing of a majority of research-support core facilities
Case Center for Imaging Research (CCIR) Preclinical and clinical medical imaging systems, MRI, tomography, bioluminescence, SPECT, fluorescence
Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology (CCMSB) Cro-EM facility usable with negatively stained or flash-frozen (cryo-EM, cryo-tomography), NMR, X-ray crystallography, proteomics, related biophysical techniques
Visual Sciences Research Center Image analysis for a variety of ophthalmic diseases
Electron Microscopy Core Facility Transmission electron microscopic services, biological sample preparation, immunocytochemistry, ultramicrotomy, digital image recording
Design Fabrication Center (DFC) Design & fabrication of custom research apparatus, modification of existing instrumentation
Scientific Instruments Repair Center Diagnostic analysis, repair & calibration of general & specialized laboratory equipment, consultation on new & used equipment purchases, energy efficient replacement options

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