Phys 325 – E&M II

Physics 325 – E&M II
Lectures:  MWF 9:30am-10:20am, in Rockefeller 203

Syllabus: syllabus_p325_fall2017

Homework #1:  hwk1_p325_fall2017   (due Friday, 9/8 at the start of class.)
Solutions:  p325_f2017_hwk1_solns

Homework #2:  hwk2_p325_fall2017 (due Monday, 9/18 at start of class.)
Solutions: p325_f2017_hwk2_solns

Homework #3:  hwk3_p325_fall2017  (due Friday, 9/22 at start of class.)
Solutions: p325_f2017_hwk3_solns

Homework #4:  hwk4_p325_fall2017  (due Friday, 9/29 at start of class.)
Solutions: p325_f2017_hwk4_solns

Midterm #1 and solutions: p325_f2017_midterm1ap325_exam1_solutions

Homework #5: hwk5_p325_fall2017