more arts and crafts, closing time

I had to return to Cleveland on Thursday night, but here are some pictures from before I left.  Lots more “arts and crafts” to get things ready…

Natalie (U Toronto grad student) applying aluminized mylar tape to the inside of an electrical box, which helps cool the components when the instrument is up wehre there’s no air…

and Lorenzo (Caltech postdoc), buttoning up a receiver

and Bill (Princeton prof) using his favorite tool, the power drill.
You would think that we were always serious, toiling away at our science, but here you see the usual mood, which is rather upbeat – in this case Anne and Jon doing some wiring
Sean doing some dremeling,
and Ziggy (Pton postdoc) doing some painting with black goo on our 2K baffles.
Finally (for the arts and crafts pictures), here’s Barth, examining the big carbon-fiber support the UT group built for the sun shields… this is going to look very interesting, when on the gondola!
The afternoon before I left, I took a walk out to the launch pad, where they (used to) launch balloons, and where you can get a great view of the highbay we work in, with the water tower behind it.
Today, from what I hear, the top and bottom domes went into place, so soon the cryostat will be on the pump.  I’ll be headed down in earlyish July to help with the optical testing, once the thing gets cold… keeping fingers crosse for all that!