The Pole: Arrival

(Belated posting – the satellites are not up in the evening when I have time to blog, so I’m finding it hard to post! I’ll try to grab daytime hours to do the posting, after writing at night… we arrived here at the Pole on Monday, 11/14)

After a weekend in McMurdo, we got on a ski-equipped LC-130, flown by the New York Air National Guard. The LC-130 is the largest ski-equipped plane in the world. Here we are (Me, Keith, and JT) in our luxury C-130 first class web seating

and here’s a view of the back of the plane where our bags and cargo are

and here’s a view of the front of the plane from the back end; the cockpit is up the stairs just through the opening on the left at the very front.

The C-130 is very very loud, so we had to wear earplugs the whole way. That made it very hard to talk to anyone, so most of our time was spent napping or reading. It’s a 3 hour flight, and we did get to stand up to look out the small windows and see the transantarctic mountains.

When we go to the Pole, we walked away from the plane

and into the station… but that’s another post!