I was lucky enough to get a room in the station here, rather than out in “summer camp” where about half the people here are quartered. My room is in the main building, which houses about 150 people and also has the galley, our computer room in the “science” area, the store, and all sorts of recreational facilities.

As you’ll see in the photos below, the rooms aren’t huge, but they are warm and big enough to store all your clothes and personal stuff in. The window shades aren’t quite opaque, so when I want to sleep I put a big piece of cardboard over the window to make it darker inside.

A view of my bed (which is raised up so there is storage space underneath), my desk, and my window. The rope strung across the room is a clothesline; we get to do one load of laundry per week, and drying it in your room both saves electricity and humidifies your room! (It’s very dry here).

A view from the window looking back at the door, closet, and foot of the bed.