The Galley

Happy Thanksgiving (a little belated) to everyone!

Down here, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday (today) rather than Thursday, so that the support folks can have a 2-day weekend. They normally work Mondays through Saturdays, and have Sundays off. So, tonight is the special holiday dinner in the Galley.

I haven’t posted any pictures of the Galley in normal times, so here’s a movie of showing what it looks like at a normal dinnertime. It has great windows looking outside, and enough seating that despite the fact that we have 250 people on station it is rarely very crowded. We’ve had good food here this year, with a surprising amount of fresh fruit and greens, which have at least a 2 day travel time from New Zealand to here (in the best of weather)!

Video: The Galley at Dinnertime
A quick tour of the dining room, known as the “galley”.