Taking it apart (part 2)

It’s Saturday here, and we’ve been working to take apart the camera and start the modifications. Here are two movies:

Brad taking the focal plane out of the dewar.

Abby taking a wedge of detectors out of the focal plane.

We’re a long way into the modifications, actually… we’re going back out tonight to finish things off and start closing up the cryostat. If all goes well, tomorrow we’ll finish closing and start the weeklong process of pumping it out and cooling it down.

(Keeping fingers crossed)

On other notes… it’s still cold here (surprise surprise!). Here’s a movie of me all bundled up, headed out to the telescope to work. Even the very light breeze here tries to freeze your face… we do this walk back and forth 3 times a day, and because of the altitude and cold it feels like good exercise!

Walking to Work.