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2010 Participants

Krysta Boccuzzi (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
"Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Chirality in Liquid Crystals"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Charles Rosenblatt
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Dr. Rajratan Basu, Dr. Samah Ferjani
Poster Presentation

Alexander Bunkofske (St. Olaf College)
"Top-Gate Transistors Using Bismuth Selenide and Indium Arsenide Nanowires "
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Xuan Gao
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Dong Liang

Ian Curtin (Macalester College)
"Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Tin Nitride"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kathleen Kash
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Paul Quayle
Poster Presentation

Vincent DeGeorge (John Carroll Univesity)
"Incidence Angle Dependence of Organic Solar Cells"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kenneth D. Singer
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Brent Valle
Poster Presentation

Nicholas Goble (Illinois Wesleyan University)
"Equilibrium Shape of a Dielectric Droplet in an Electric Field"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Philip L. Taylor
Poster Presentation

Kemar James (Fisk University and Vanderbilt University)
"Spark Purification System"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Daniel S. Akerib and Prof. Thomas A. Shutt
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Dr. Carmen Carmona
Poster Presentation

Drew Kerr (Ausin Peay State University)
"Thinking Outside the Box About Branes in Cosmology"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Harsh Mathur
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Dr. Katherine Jones-Smith
Poster Presentation

Kristina Krylova (SUNY at Buffalo)
"Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Corbin Covault
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Ross Burton, Yvette Cendes
Poster Presentation

Kathryn Skinner (Austin Peay State University)
"Fabrication and Characterization of MoS2 Quantum Wells"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jie Shan
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Keliang He
Poster Presentation

Dillon Walker (Grinnell College)
"Hyper-Rayleigh Scattering"
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kenneth D. Singer
Grad Student/Postdoc Advisor: Guangyao Li
Poster Presentation