Physbot, the Physics Email Robot

Physbot is an automated email message service. Its purpose is to keep the CWRU Physics Community and other interested parties informed of local events, primarily Colloquiua, Seminars and Public Lectures, at CWRU and at nearby Universities.

People submit messages about events to physbot. On the week/day of the submitted event physbot sends a time ordered list of the messages to the subscribers. Submittors must specify the date and time of the message in the subject line, following the keyword "submit". For more information ask physbot "help submit".

Here and below ask physbot means to send an email message to with a command as the subject of the message.

If you submit to physbot please be considerate of the subscribers, short text/plain messages are desired. HTML and multi-part messages are rejected by the bot. Physbot will respond with an email message to let you know if your submission was accepted or not.


Send email to, with the command subscribe as the Subject of the message.

Subscriber List

The subscriber list for physbot is not used for any other purpose and is not available for any reason.

Physbot Help

Though physbots email documentation is the authority for what it does, if for whatever reason you do not want to send physbot a message at this time you can view older physbot responses to a few selected "help X" commands here:

Help Subscribe
Help Submit

Note that the above physbot responses are possibly out-of-date. The descriptions may have changed or features may have been added.

For authoritative information send physbot an email. (Adjust the subject line to taste.)

Spam Factories

Note that physbot will not respond to addresses from spam factories, any email sent to physbot from certain ISP's will be silently ignored. These ISP's as of this writing include all aol, hotmail, yahoo, verizon, msn, excite, etc addresses. If you are using one of these addresses you will only be able to (un)subscribe.

Spam Filtering

Physbot filters all non-cwru email with bogofilter, a fast Bayesian spam filter, and will never see messages marked as spam.

	spam		silently		ignored

Replying to Physbot

Physbot ignores replies. Reply-To is not set.

Changing Subscriber Address

unsubscribe the old address, then subscribe the new one.

Filtering Physbot Email

Whenever physbot receives a request it will respond concerning the action that it took w/respect to the request (unless your email address is ignored, as above). Note that all of its messages have headers like the following

Precedence: list
Auto-Submitted: auto-replied

which may affect the disposition of physbot's message to you if you are using mail filtering agents such as procmail.

Bounced Messages

If mail to a subscribers addresses bounces physbot-admin will remove the email address from the subscriber list.

Problems/ Found a bug?

Please send an informative email to

Pete: x-4037, pjk6