Physics at a Research University

Case Western Reserve 1830-1990

by William Fickinger, Professor Emeritus

Copyright 2005. ISBN 0-9773386-0-6

This is a history of the physics research done by the faculty and students of CWRU and its parent institutions. Highlights of the work done by over 100 researchers are described at a level so that the general reader can understand qualitatively how and why the research was done, and the more technical reader can appreciate more quantitative details.

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Table of contents, introduction, and time-line.


Chapter 1        1          The Young Ivy Leaguers

Chapter 2        7          Edward W. Morley: Physical Chemist

Chapter 3        13        Albert A. Michelson: Light and Ether         

Chapter 4        24        Dayton C. Miller: X-rays, Flutes and More Ether 

Chapter 5        46        University Physics: the Middle Years at WRU

Chapter 6        53        Robert S. Shankland: Modern Physics Arrives

Chapter 7        68        Case Experiment Takes Off

Chapter 8        88        Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays

Chapter 9        111      Case Theory  

Chapter 10      130      WRU Experiment Takes Off

Chapter 11      137      WRU Theory 

Chapter 12      146      Case Experiment  Round 2  

Chapter 13      175      Case Nuclear and Particle Theory   

Chapter 14      194      WRU Experiment  Round 2 

Chapter 15      209      Low Temperature Experiment

Chapter 16      233      Particle Experiment  

Chapter 17      257      Materials Theory      

Chapter 18      279      New People, New Physics

            Appendix A     291      Bachelor Degrees in Physics from WRU, CSAS, CIT, CWRU

            Appendix B     302      Graduate Degrees in Physics

            Appendix C     335      Alphabetical List of Faculty Appearing in Book

            Appendix D    337      Programs and Lecture Series

            Appendix E     341      L. L. Foldy’s List of CWRU Related Papers in Physical Review

            Appendix F     345      Chairs and Endowed Chairs

            Appendix G    347      Foldy’s Essay: Origins of Foldy-Wouthuysen Transformation



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