CWRU Physics Faculty

Giuseppe Strangi
Professor of Physics
Ohio Research Scholar - Endowed Chair
Laurea: University of Calabria, Italy (1996)
Ph.D: University of Calabria, Italy (2000)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Plasmonics and Optical Metamaterials
Nano-Photonics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy

web-site: Strangi Research Group
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My primary research interests involve extreme optics and plasmonics of photonic metamaterials, a new class of artificially engineered nanostructures with extraordinary physical properties. The inclination toward miniaturization in the emerging generation of nanoscale materials has led to a growing interest in the physics of hybrid nanostructures. In recent years significant strides have been made to understand how to control the interaction between radiation and matter in the nano-world, by designing structures and functions that can lead to new phenomena and breakthrough applications.

Recently, my group is focused on hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs), bulk three-dimensional sub-wavelength structures, which are non-magnetic and anisotropic in permittivity. The emerging field of HMMs promises a variety of applications such as negative refraction, sub-wavelength imaging, spontaneous emission enhancement and biosensing.

Nanoplasm Lab is equipped to perform ultimate ultrafast spectroscopy investigations to study the interplay and the dynamics between plasmons and excitons in plexcitonic nanostructures. Our particular interest lies in the resonant energy transfer processes leading to metal enhancement effects and low-loss metamaterials, including virus based bio- nanoparticles for advanced imaging.

I am also interested to learn from nature how to create materials with life applications without threatening the life, without harming the environment and by exploring natural strategies in the framework of the scientific initiative From Life to Life.

Currently, we are exploring several fascinating topics:
  • Extreme Optics Of Hyperbolic Metamaterials For Biosensing And Sub-Wavelength Imaging
  • Plasmon-Exciton Coupling And Spontaneous Emission Enhancement
  • Opto-Plasmonics Of Metallo-Dielectric Nanostructures
  • Electromagnetic Properties Of Intrinsically Active And Tunable Photonic Metamaterials.

These topics allow us to realize a cutting edge research program in the areas of soft-condensed matter, nano-science, spectroscopy, nano-optics and photonics.