CWRU Physics Faculty

Kathleen Kash
Professor of Physics
Chair, Department of Physics
B.A., Middlebury College (1975)
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
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The primary interest of our group is in exploring the growth and properties of nitride semiconductors. These include the binary nitrides GaN and InN, the materials that, along with AlN, are perhaps best-known for their tremendous impact on lighting technology and high-power electronics. Our main focus of research is on the more complex heterovalent ternary nitrides. These include ZnGeN2, ZnSnN2, and potentially dozens of other compounds that are formed by conceptually replacing the group III element sublattice of the binary nitride structure with an ordered sublattice of equal proportions of a group II and a group IV element. Unlike the binary nitride semiconductors, the heterovalent ternaries have been much less well studied, and many of them have not yet even been synthesized.

We work on developing novel methods for synthesis of these materials, and on predicting and studying their optical, lattice and electronic properties.