CWRU Physics Faculty

Xuan Gao
Associate Professor of Physics
B.S., South China University of Technology (1998)
Ph.D., Columbia University (2003)
Experimental condensed matter physics; Nanoscale electronic transport; Two-dimensional electrons in semiconductor, oxide hetero-interfaces or graphene-like atomically thin crystals; Topological insulators; Electron correlation effects in transport; Thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy conversion; Nano-electronics and sensors.

Gao Research Group
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Our lab focuses on the understanding and exploration of how quantum nature of matter, low dimensionality, confinement, electronic structure topology, symmetry, and electron-electron correlation effects etc give rise to new electrical, thermal, magnetic and optical phenomena or properties in nanoscale/low-dimensional solid state systems. The material systems we study span semiconductors, semimetals, oxides, and even organic compounds, often in the form of nanostructures. The techniques we use in research include but not limited to vapor deposition growth of materials, nano-device fabrication, electron transport, magneto-transport, capacitance spectroscopy, thermal transport, scanning photoconductivity microscopy characterizations, and various composition/ structural analysis methods. We are also interested in applying our results to real life applications (e.g. electronics, optoelectronics, energy conversion/harvesting).

We are looking for talented and motivated students (both undergraduates and graduates) and postdocs to help solve important issues in condensed matter physics and nanoscience. If you are interested in current research opportunities in Gao's group, please contact Prof. Xuan Gao.