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Particle/Astrophysics and CERCA Seminars, Spring 2011

Usual Time and Place » Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm / the Miller Room, Rockefeller 221 (or Friday 12:30 pm-1:30 pm when so noted).

Date Speaker Title Host
January 18, 2010 Marisa March
Imperial College
A new method for cosmological parameter estimation from Supernovae Type Ia data Glenn Starkman
January 25, 2010
No seminar this week
February 1, 2010 Claudia de Rham
Universite de Geneve
New and Old Massive Gravity Harsh Mathur
February 8, 2010 Vuk Mandic
Univ Minnesota
Astrophysics with Gravitational-Wave Detectors Dan Akerib
February 18, 2010 Note: Friday seminar Chris Lintott
Oxford University
What to do with 350,000 astronomers Glenn Starkman
February 22, 2010
No seminar this week
March 1, 2010
No seminar this week
March 8, 2010
Spring Break
March 15, 2010 Rachel Bean
Constraining the cosmic growth history with large scale structure Andrew Tolley
March 22, 2010 Sarah Shandera
Perimeter Institute
New observational power from halo bias Andrew Tolley
March 29, 2010 Michael Mortonson
Ohio State Univ
Testing Dark Energy with Massive Galaxy Clusters Harsh Mathur
April 5, 2010 Xavier Siemens
Univ Wisconsin
Gravitational wave astronomy in the next decade Andrew Tolley
April 12, 2010 Note: Friday seminar Mandeep Gill
Ohio State
Learning about Aspects of Clusters and Cosmology from Weak and Strong Gravitational Lensing Approaches Glenn Starkman
April 12, 2010 Pascal Vaudrevange
DESY, Hamburg
Thick-wall tunneling in a piecewise linear and quadratic potential Glenn Starkman
April 15, 2010 Note: Friday seminar Bryan Lynn
Univ Coll London and CERN
tba Glenn Starkman
April 22, 2010 Note:Friday seminar Tim Eifler
Ohio State Univ
tba Harsh Mathur
April 26, 2010 Mark Wyman
University of Chicago
Massive gravitons and enhanced gravitational lensing Andrew Tolley