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Oct 14, 2014 , 11:30 AM in Miller Room, Rock 221

Amar Vutha, York University

The shape of the electron, and why it matters

The universe, or at least the 5% of it that we understand, is described rather well by the Standard Model of particle physics. Yet even this non-dark sector of the universe conceals a great mystery: // where has all the anti-matter gone? // In this lecture, I will describe the problem and the best solution that we have for it. One of the crucial ingredients of that solution is the prediction of new sources of time-reversal violation. The most sensitive probe of such time-reversal violation is, oddly enough, to be found in small asymmetries in the shape of the electron's charge distribution. I will provide an overview of experimental efforts to detect these anomalous electric moments, and describe the strong constraints that they impose on the shape of physics to come.
Host: Harsh Mathur