Archive Viewing Notes

If you cannot view the archive streams, read on. (It may take a minute for the player to fill its cache and start playing the stream.) Success has been reported for Windows, Linux. Mac OS X worked for the live feed, mixed results w/the archived streams.


To view the video stream, you must have either Windows Media Player installed or mplayer with win32 codecs. If your platform is not supported by Microsoft (it seems Solaris is the only supported *nix, Linux, for example, is not supported), then mplayer is your only option that I am aware of.

Note to Mac OS X/Classic Users

To view the stream for OS X or 9.1 w/out using browser plugins

launch Windows Media Player,

File->Open URL

and enter the video stream URL in the Open URL dialog box

You may also want to try (if you are running Mac OS X) Mplayer Mac OS X

Here is the Project download page. I had success (live feed only) with "MPlayer OS X 2 beta 5". Access the stream by entering video stream URL, e.g. mms://, into the appropriate dialog box

Note to Linux Users

The instructions below may get you to the point where, from the command line:

% mplayer URL

will get you the video stream

On my laptop, running redhat-9, the following minimal setup worked for me (in October 2003, the version specific links below will break when the next version of mplayer is released):

from the downloading/installing mplayer rpms page:
download, and install
  1. mplayer-common rpm
  2. mplayer rpm (command line version)
  3. win32 codecs: Win32 DMO (WMV9/WMA9) codec pack

Note to Windows Users

If you get the following error from Windows Media Player

|| Incorrect URL
|| Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified
|| protocol is not supported. If you typed a URL in the Open URL dialog
|| box, try using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:"
|| or "rtsp:").

  copy the url and edit it, replacing mmst:// w/ mms://

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