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Kavli-CERCA Conference on the Future of Cosmology

Oct 10-12, 2003
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
  • The first 2 CERCA Public Lectures, by Steven Weinberg and Stephen Hawking, were associated with this conference.
  • The Kavli-CERCA conference webcast, and the CERCA Public Lectures were archived .

Celebrating the creation of CERCA, this was a conference with attendance limited to 75 people, by invitation only, to discuss the future of cosmology in the next 25 years.

This was the inaugural conference of the new Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics (CERCA) at CWRU. This center will develop resources to continue the world class experimental and theoretical research programs in these areas at CWRU, while working in close partnership with the Shafran Planetarium at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History , and with other institutions to help develop first-rate popular programming to help disseminate information on cosmology and astrophysics to the public.

The Kavli-CERCA Conference on the Future of Cosmology was generously supported by the Kavli Institute and Case Western Reserve University to celebrate the creation of CERCA at Case Western Reserve University, and to provide a forum to examine key questions facing cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics in the next 25 years. Questions we explored ranged from: What are the prospects for the existence of extra dimensions? to What are the best tools to push the frontiers of astrophysics?. We had an interesting balance of 74 leading observers, experimentalists, and theorists at the meeting, and also provided funds for a dozen graduate students and postdocs from around the world to attend the meeting. Get the Kavli-CERCA conference poster.

Several exciting social events were enjoyed, see below for details.


The topics were assigned with an eye towards provoking thought and discussion over the course of the 2 1/2 day meeting. It worked.

Program modified: Oct 08, 2003

Associated Events

Steven Weinberg Public Lecture
Steven Weinberg presented a Public Lecture entitled "The Origin of the Universe" at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History at 7:30pm on Thursday October 9th. The CMNH is in University Circle adjacent to the Case Western Campus. There was a reception at the museum after this talk.
Science Friday
Science Friday broadcast from 2-3pm on Oct 10th from Strosacker Auditorium, a panel discussion of selected luminaries on cosmology, with questions taken from the audience in Strosacker and radio listeners. This was open to everyone on campus.

Science Friday Panel: Bahcall, Krauss, Turner, Weinberg

Gwinn Estate Banquet
On Friday Oct 10th there was a banquet at the Gwinn Estate overlooking the Lake for conference participants.
Banquet and Concert
On Saturday Oct. 11th there was a banquet at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Following that participants were invited to a concert of the world famous Cleveland Orchestra in Severance Hall, one of the most beautiful concert halls in the United States, located in University Circle adjacent to the University.
Stephen Hawking Lecture
Stephen Hawking presented a Public Lecture entitled "Brane New World", at Severance Hall at 8 PM on Monday October 13th.


Tom Abel
Ana Achucarro
Andreas Albrecht
Patrick Amon
Neta Bahcall
Barry Barish
Jill Bechtold
Charles Bennett
Ed Bertschinger
Roger Blandford
J. Richard Bond
Mark Bowick
Tereasa Brainerd
Blas Cabrera
Robert Caldwell
John Carlstrom
David Cline
Angelica De Oliveira-Costa
Savas Dimopoulos
Gia Dvali
George Efstathiou
August Evrard
Wendy Freedman
Carlos Frenk
Josh Frieman
Rick Gaitskell
David Gross
Alan Guth
Francis Halzen
Stephen Hawking
Jackie Hewitt
Gary Hinshaw
William Holzapfel
Wayne Hu
Bhuvnesh Jain
Nemanja Kaloper
Marc Kamionkowski
Robert Kirshner
Andrei Linde
Phil Lubin
Arthur Lue
Joe Lykken
Chung-Pei Ma
Stephan Meyer
Amber Miller
Barth Netterfield
Bob Nichol
Angela Olinto
Lyman Page
John Peacock
Saul Perlmutter
Martin Rees
Adam Riess
Peter Rosen
Marcus Runyan
Bernard Sadoulet
Paul Schechter
Tom Shutt
Joe Silk
David Spergel
Neil Spooner
Suzanne Staggs
Paul Steinhardt
Dan Stinebring
Max Tegmark
Mark Trodden
Michael Turner
Henry Tye
Alex Vilenkin
Alan Watson
Steven Weinberg
Martin White
Frank Wilczek
Bruce Winstein

Participants list modified: Oct 8, 2003