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Physics Colloquium Series, Spring 2016

Usual Time and Place » Thursday: 4:15 p.m. / Rockefeller 301

Unusual times or locations are noted in red.

Date Speaker Title Host
Jan 14, 2016 No colloquium today
Jan 21 No colloquium today
Jan 28 Kurt Runge (Chemistry), Jim Kazura (Physiology or Medecine), Andrew Tolley (Physics)
The 2015 Science Nobel Prizes - What were they given for?
Feb 4 Stephen Rand
University of Michigan
A New Twist on Electromagnetism for Energy Conversion Walter Lambrecht
Feb 11 Philip Taylor
CWRU Physics
Albert Michelson, the Michelson-Morley experiment, and the dichotomy between megaprojects and table-top science
Feb 18 Mike Crescimanno
Youngstown State Univ.
Non-linear optics of ultrastrongly coupled cavity polaritons Harsh Mathur
Feb 25 Colloquium canceled    
Mar 3 Leslie E. Wade
Kenyon College
Gravitational waves discovered: The recent detection of an ancient binary black hole merger Harsh Mathur
Mar 10 No talk - Spring break
Mar 17 No talk - APS March meeting
Mar 24 Oksana Ostroverkhova
Oregon State University
Photophysics of organic materials: from thin-film devices to single molecules and from optoelectronics to entomology Ken Singer
Mar 31 Jesse Berezovsky
CWRU Physics
Controlling coherent spins at the nanoscale: Prospects for practical spin-based technology
Apr 7 HongWen Jiang
Can Charge Qubits Compete with Spin Qubits for Quantum Information Processing? Arnold Dahm
Apr 14 Harold Baranger
Duke University
Resonant Tunneling in a Dissipative Environment: Quantum Critical Behavior Harsh Mathur
Apr 21 Tim Atherton
Of Bodies Changed to New Forms