physicseventscolloquia & seminars

Physics Colloquium Series, Spring 2014 and beyond

Usual Time and Place » Thursday: 4:15 p.m. / Rockefeller 301

Unusual times or locations are noted in red.

Date Speaker Title Host
2014 January 16 Michael Mann
Penn State University
The Physics of Climate Change Harsh Mathur
Jan 23 Geralyn Zeller
Next Steps in Neutrino Physics Harsh Mathur
Jan 30 Martin Snider, Michael Weiss, Glenn Starkman
The 2013 Science Nobel Prizes - What were they given for?
Feb 6 Steven Hauck
Mercury's interior: New views from MESSENGER Harsh Mathur
Feb 13
Feb 20 Evalyn Gates
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
The Hunt for the Missing Components of the Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy . . . . and Women in Physics. Lisa Bauer
Feb 27 Jonathan Selinger
Kent State University
Curvature and defects in liquid crystals and other soft materials: Differential geometry isn't just for cosmology any more! Chuck Rosenblatt
Mar 6 No talk - APS March meeting
Mar 13 No talk - Spring break
Mar 20 Alexis Abramson
CWRU Mech + Aero Engineerign
Nanoscale thermal transport Philip Taylor
Mar 27 Tim Atherton
Tufts Uiversity
Arrested Development (of Emulsions) Rosie Bramante and Ian Nemitz
Apr 3 Tom Shutt
CWRU Physics
Results from the LUX dark matter search, and prospects for the future
Apr 10 4:00 p.m. Bill Dougherty
GE Healthcare
Super-Resolution Microscopies at the Frontiers of Cell Biology (co-sponsored by the Institute for the Science of Origins) Glenn Starkman
Apr 17 John Ruhl
CWRU Physics
Chasing Inflation
Apr 24 Hiroyuki Fujita
Quality Electrodynamics
Our MRI Startup Grows Up: QED and HealthCare in 2014