physicseventscolloquia & seminars

Physics Colloquium Series, Spring 2015 and beyond

Usual Time and Place » Thursday: 4:15 p.m. / Rockefeller 301

Unusual times or locations are noted in red.

Date Speaker Title Host
January 15, 2015 Jeff Gore
Cooperation, cheating, and collapse in biological populations Mike Hinczewski
Jan 22 Nicholas Giordano
Physics of the Piano Walter Lambrecht
Jan 29 Daniel Wesson from Neuroscience will give the Medicine or Physiology talk, Walter Lambrecht will give the Physics talk, and Andrew Rollins from Biomedical Engineering will give the Chemistry talk.
The 2014 Science Nobel Prizes - What were they given for?
Feb 5 Barry Rand
Teaching old materials new tricks: Making organic semiconductors crystallize on demand and metals emit light Ken Singer
Feb 12 4:30 p.m.
Tinkham Veale University Center
Roald Hoffmann (This is not a Physics Colloquium, but is a talk of interest to physicists)
Cornell University
Chemistry in Art, Art in Chemistry, and the Spiritual Ground They Share
Feb 19
Canceled as University closed
David Farrell
CWRU Physics
Music, Sweet and Sour P.Taylor
Feb 26 Nader Engheta
University of Pennsylvania
Opportunities and Challenges for Extreme Optics Pino Strangi
Mar 5 No talk - APS March Meeting
Mar 12 No talk - Spring Break
Mar 19 Alethea Barbaro
Interacting particle models and phase transitions for social particles Harsh Mathur
Mar 26 Jasna Brujic
Multiscale Self-organization of Emulsion Droplets Tate Deskins
Apr 2 David Farrell
CWRU Physics
Music, Sweet and Sour P.Taylor
Apr 9 Karen Abbott
CWRU Biology
Stochasticity in ecological dynamics Harsh Mathur
Apr 16 Yumi Ijiri
Oberlin College
Novel measurement methods for probing magnetic nanoparticles Lisa Bauer
Apr 23