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Condensed Matter Seminar, Spring 2009

Usual Time and Place » Monday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm / Miller Room, Rockefeller 221

Unusual times or locations are noted.

Date Speaker Title Host
Wednesday Feb. 412:30PMJarek Mysliewiec
Wroklav University of Technology
Molecular materials for dynamic holography and lasing applications Ken Singer
February 16Matt Yates
University of Rochester
Synthesis of Novel Fuel Cell Membranes with Aligned Proton Conducting Pathways Elshad Allakhyarov
February 23Robert Deissler
Cleveland State University
Dipole in a Magnetic Field, Work, and Quantum Spin Bob Brown
March 99:30am
Nord 410
Various speakers
Solar Energy Workshop Ken Singer
March 16No seminar APS March meeting  
March 23   
March 3112:30pm NOTE special dayYuriy Tolmachev
Kent State University
Fast Protonic Conductivity in Crystalline Materials: Highly Sulfonated Aromatics Elshad Allakhyarov
April 6Teri Odom
Northwestern University
Screening Plasmonic Materials using Nanopyramidal Arrays Xuan
April 13Peihong Zhang First-principles theory of coloration on WO3 upon charge insertion  
April 20Zhigang Jiang
Georgia Tech
Landau Level Spectroscopy of Graphene Xuan Gao
April 27Herb Fertig
Indiana University
Chirality and Kondo Physics in Graphene Bahman Roostaei
May 18George Pickett
Lancaster University, UK
Ballistic Quasiparticles in Superfluid 3He: A Non-Newtonian Gas Tanmay Vachaspati