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Case World Year of Physics and Rockefeller Centenary Program

Severance Hall, Nov 14, 2005

12:30- 1:30 Panel Discussion (SAGES event). Moderated by Ira Flatow, Host of NPR's Talk of the Nation, Science Friday.:

Does Einstein Have any Legacy in the 21st Century?

1:45 Plaque Ceremony. Presenter: Leo Kadanoff, vice-President, American Physical Society

1:50 PM Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, Aspen Institute. Former Chairman and CEO, CNN, and former Editorial Director, Time Magazine, Author, Benjamin Franklin, An American Life :

Einstein and Franklin: Great Minds Don't Think Alike.

2:35 Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate, President, Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, Former Director, National Institutes of Health:

What Physics and Einstein have done for Biology and Medicine

3:20 Break

3:30 Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate, Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics, MIT, author Longing for the Harmonies,:

The Origin of Mass and the Feebleness of Gravity

4:15 Lawrence Krauss, Ambrose Swasey Prof. of Physics, Prof. of Astronomy, Director, Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics, and Director, Office of Science, Public Policy, and Bioentrepreneurship, CWRU, and author of Hiding in the Mirror:

Einstein's Biggest Blunder?: A Cosmic Mystery Story.

CWRU Kelvin Smith Main Library:

5:00 -6:15 Reception and Book Signing.