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27 Physicists: A WYOP Contest

2005 is the World Year of Physics.

It is also the 100th Anniversary of the

Physics Building at Case Western Reserve University.

To celebrate, the Physics Department at Case Western Reserve University, in partnership with the American Physical Society, is organising the "27 Physicists Contest" open to high school students, high school teachers and college undergraduates.

Rockefeller Building

The Case Campus, the location of the famous 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment, has been designated a World Year of Physics Historical site by the American Physical Society.

In 1905, the names of 34 great physicists were engraved on the Case Physics building. They range from Archimedes and Newton to Ben Franklin and Maxwell.

There is room for 27 more names. But how to decide which names to add? We are inviting American college undergraduates, high school students and high school teachers to help identify 27 great twentieth century physicists whose names might be added to the building in the future.

The 27 Physicists Contest

Links below take you to a site where you can register and vote. We provide you with a list consisting of:

1. the names of all deceased physics Nobelists. (98 names),

2. 30 additional names suggested by our physics faculty.

To enter the contest, register then vote for up to a total of twenty (20) names taken from our list. Each physicist's name is linked to a website where you can learn more about that physicist.

All the entries received from Nov 14, 2005 until midnight, Dec 31, 2005 (EST) will be tallied and the top 27 names will be our 20th Century Physicists.

Who wins the contest? The high school student, high school teacher and college undergraduate whose list has the most matches, in their category, with the final list of 27, will each win a video iPod. In case of ties, winners will be chosen by lottery.

Thanks for entering our contest, and good luck from the physicists at Case.

Register and then Vote .

Questions? Email wyop at