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The abstracts have now been accepted and sorted and are found on the APS website We also hope to have an emailing go out with a file listing them as well as program and participant information. A hard-copy of that file will be handed out at the meeting.

Below for future reference are the past instructions for abstract submittal.

Contributed papers dealing with all areas of physics education and original research are solicited from both APS and AAPT members, for both oral and poster sessions. We summarize below the abstract submission procedure, but complete abstract submission instructions can be found at APS Abstracts. Contributors may submit abstracts only via the web. Email submissions are not accepted by the APS.

In the online web submission of a contributed abstract, an author needs to know two things: (1) the number and ordering of the authors and collaborations; and (2) the abstract content. The web page will guide you through the rest. Follow the directions online to create your own practice abstract. Select the meeting (2003 Ohio Section Fall) by clicking on the appropriate button. A form will be created for you. Simply input the information, including your APS member number. You may want to try a test submission before submitting your abstract. To do this, log onto APS Test Abstracts and select the meeting TEST. We strongly urge you to proofread your abstract before submission. The receipt deadline for all submitted abstracts is September 23, 2003 by 5:00 PM EDT.