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The lab groups are listed below. Attempts were made to create groups with a mixture of abilities but also have members who live near each other. I also made sure at least one person in each group claimed they could bring a computer to class for working on the lab. (Note: It is fine and perhaps even advantageous to have multiple computers.)

For each group I have listed the name (as taken from the list the registrar provides) and Case user id.

Group 1

Heidbreder, George Frederick (gfh12)

Kizner, Rebecca Arielle (rak202)

May, Gareth D (gdm46)

Group 2

Eston, Joshua Ethan (jee52)

Ji, Pengyu (pxj118)

Philipoom, Jasmine Nicole (jnp32)

Group 3

Holmes, Joshua Benjamin (jbh92)

Lalk, Rebecca Anne (ral125)

Zagone, Jakob Richard (jrz14)

Group 4

Dozier, George Robert (grd27)

Parikh, Aayush Amit (aap122)

Zhang, Xuanming (xxz563)

Group 5

Christopherson, William Pendragon (wpc14)

Mitrovich, Matthew Joseph (mjm377)

Stevens, Tessa (txs473)

Group 6

Falcone, Julia A (jaf177)

Lu, Kevin (gxl234)

Messenger, Hannah Esther (hem31)

Group 7

Bolding, Reid (nrb62)

O'Donnell, Brendan C (bco11)

Schmid, William Mark (wms51)

Group 8

Laurienzo, Joseph Thomas (jtl97)

Okada da Silva, Vinicius (vxo22)

Panagiotakis, Konstantinos (kxp243)

Ugras, Thomas James (tju3)

Group 9

Oddo, Dominic Peter (dpo20)

Polzin, Nicole Marie (nmp71)

Wargo, Joshua John (jjw100)

Group 10

Barnaby, Gavin-Rae V (gvb16)

Liu, Yuheng (yxl1106)

Wang, Mingyuan (mxw520)

Yang, Jiewen (jxy456)