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These examples can be downloaded or viewed statically in a web browswer. Using the Notebook link you can download the notebook file and run on your own computer using a locally installed Jupyter notebook server. Alternatively, the NBViewer link gives you a static version of the notebook. You will not be able to interact with it, but you will be able to see the results of executing the notebook.

Numbers and precision
An example showing the main difficulty with numerical work: finite precision.
Notebook : NBViewer
Lecture 2: Recursion algorithms
An example showing that all mathematically equivalent algorithms do not behave the same way numerically.
Notebook : NBViewer
Root Finding
An example showing the use of routines from scipy.optimize for one dimensional root finding.
Notebook : NBViewer
An example showing the use of routines from scipy.interpolate for interpolation.
Notebook : NBViewer
Numerical Derivatives
An example describing Richardson extrapolation as applied to center differencing and some examples of its use.
Notebook : NBViewer
Numerical Integrals
An example showing numerical integration. Mostly focuses on scipy.integrate.quad. We use the incandescent light bulb as a test case.
Notebook : NBViewer
An example showing the solutions of ordinary differential equations using scipy.integrate.odeint. A discussion of how to construct a system of differential equations suitable for solution is included. We study the anomalous precession of the perihelion of Mercury as a test case.
Notebook : NBViewer
Midterm Exam
The computational part of the midterm exam and solutions.
Exam Notebook : NBViewer
Exam Solutions Notebook : NBViewer
Problem Solving
To review many of the things we have learned we analyzed how to calculate the mass of a star from tabulated data. This example is the implementation of the analytical work performed in class.
Notebook : NBViewer