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Modern Physics

Lecturer: Pete Kernan
Text: Modern Physics 2nd Ed. by R. Harris
Lectures: Rock 301 MWF 3:20-4:10 PM
Recitation Leader: Marcio O'Dwyer
Recitations: (Thu) Bingham 103, 10-10:50 AM, Strosacker 1:00-1:50 PM
Supplemental Instructor: Natalie Nielsen

This website will contain homework assignments, solutions for exams and homeworks, our syllabus, access to your grades and some links to other resources.

12.21.2018: posted grades to SIS

12.21.2018: updated online grades w/final exam and course scores

Modern Physics Syllabus

click link above

Homework Assignments

Generally, but not always, due on Mondays by 4:10pm. Staple pages, clearly indicated answers, no ragged edges (kadoobies), put in correct box, ... .
The graders have been given discretion to penalize homeworks for poor presentation, don't make their jobs harder.

Homework Solutions

I think it's important to study the solutions independently of your score on a particular homework.

Exam Solutions

Exam Dates

Hour Exams will be during class time in Rock 301.
   tentative dates (will be changed if a serious enough conflict is discovered before drop/add ends): Fri Sep 21, Wed Oct 17, Mon Nov 19
The final will be Mon Dec 17 from 3:30-6:30 PM DeGrace 312

Check Grades

Login using your case network id (e.g. pjk6) and password. If you are currently in the course you will see your grades. Though these are generated from my spreadsheet they are not "official". **Please report any discrepancies you find.**

Note: Your browser will complain because we signed our own SSL certificate instead of giving good money away to have someone sign it for us. If you want to see your grades you will have to tell your browser to trust us.

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Register Clickers

On Canvas, Modern Physics home page, submit your clicker ID ... this is not connected to any other course so you have to register it for this course even if you registered it for another class.
apparent exponential notation "breaks" the submission. If you are unfortunate enough to have a clicker id that looks like ^[0-9]+E[0-9][0-9][0-9]$ (starts with one or more digits followed by E followed by, and ends with, one to three digits), the sheet will interpret and convert the string to a number. To prevent this enter the ID after a single quote, as in: '12876E21

P221 Bulletin Board

Feel free to ask questions about the course here. I will always read your posts and respond when appropriate. Any student may also respond. This is a good way to collaborate as a class. You can set notifications so you will know if anyone responds to your post. One of the advantages of using the board is that you can display equations in a way in which they can be easily read.