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Modern Physics

Lecturer: Pete Kernan
Text: Modern Physics 2nd Ed. by R. Harris
Lectures: Rock 301 MWF 3:20-4:10 PM
Recitation Leader: Marcio O'Dwyer
Recitations: (Thu) Bingham 103, 10-10:50 AM, Strosacker 1:00-1:50 PM
Supplemental Instructor: Natalie Nielsen

This website will contain homework assignments, solutions for exams and homeworks, our syllabus, access to your grades and some links to other resources.

10.19.2018: hw 7 posted

Modern Physics Syllabus

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Homework Assignments

Generally, but not always, due on Mondays by 4:10pm. Staple pages, clearly indicated answers, no ragged edges (kadoobies), put in correct box, ... .
The graders have been given discretion to penalize homeworks for poor presentation, don't make their jobs harder.

Homework Solutions

I think it's important to study the solutions independently of your score on a particular homework.

Exam Solutions

Equation Sheets

Exam Dates

Hour Exams will be during class time in Rock 301.
   tentative dates (will be changed if a serious enough conflict is discovered before drop/add ends): Fri Sep 21, Wed Oct 17, Mon Nov 19
The final will be Mon Dec 17 from 3:30-6:30 PM location TBD

P221 Bulletin Board

Feel free to ask questions about the course here. I will always read your posts and respond when appropriate. Any student may also respond. This is a good way to collaborate as a class. You can set notifications so you will know if anyone responds to your post. One of the advantages of using the board is that you can display equations in a way in which they can be easily read.