Corbin Covault Office Hours Schedule -- UPDATED 6 Sep 2017

Corbin Covault

If you plan to come to office hours and you know in advance that you will appear at a particular time, consider sending me an email to let me know, so I can expect your visit. Email Always include "PHYS 121" in the subject header.
  • THIS WEEK (September 6 to Sep 8) Office Hours In Rock 207:
    • Wednesday 06 Sep: 1PM to 1:45PM and then again from 3:15PM to 4:30PM
    • Thursday 07 Sep, 1PM to 4PM
    • Friday 08 Aug, 3PM to 5PM
    • Other time by appointment: email
    • ALSO Please feel free to meet with Ryan Lorek, contact details below
  • TYPICAL Office Hours In Rock 207: (after September 06)
    • Mondays: 1PM to 4PM
    • Thursdays: 1PM to 4PM
    • Fridays: 3PM to 5PM NOTE CHANGE!
    • Other time by appointment: email
    Corbin Covault's email is
    Office Phone: 216-368-4006
    Mobile:  216-339-3861 
    Always make it clear that you are a student in Physics 121

    Ryan Lorek's Office Hours

    Ryan Lorek

  • Email:
  • TYPICAL Office Hours For Ryan Lorek in A.W. Smith 11:
    Wednesday, Sep 07, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, A.W. Smith Room 11