Using The Expert TA system to access and submit online homework

Register once to use The Expert TA

  • First, gather the information you will need:
  • Link to Register for The Expert TA at Be sure to use your first and last names in the same form the same way that they appear on your CWRU records.

  • The cost of the software license for the semester is $32.50 for the semester payable by credit or debit card.

    Login to the Expert TA web site to complete the homework:

  • Link to Login to The Expert TA Go to the main website here:

  • Be sure to access and submit your homework well before the deadline, usually 11 PM Friday nights. If you wait to the last minute you risk connection problems or other problems might prevent you from completing or submitting the work on time.

    More information if needed:

  • For a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to register for and use The Expert TA click here

    Note: Students will need to cover the cost of the software license themselves -- $32.50 per student. Sorry about that. We do everything we can to minimize the numbe of required texts that we ask students to purchase for this course. However, for that cost, you can and should get prompt effective customer service from the Expert TA. If you have any technical or service questions, please contact customer service at the Expert TA student support page: