Welcome to Physics 121, Summer 2018

June 18: Homework #5 POSTED, Due 5 PM Wed June 20. See Course Document #12

Second Hour Exam: Thursday, June 21, 9:30 AM. Two Practice Exams with solutions posted.

Content: Kinematics, Particle dynamics, Newton's laws of motion, Work, Kinetic energy, Energy and momentum conservation, Rotational motion, Conservation of angular momentum, Path integrals Gravity, Relativity, Astrophysics, Cosmology
Prerequisites: One of these (concurrent) MATH 121, MATH 121, MATH 125 or one year of high school calculus
Schedule: Lectures: MTWRF 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Rock 306
Labs: as scheduled.
Instructor: Corbin Covault, Rockefeller 207 (2nd floor), Phone: 216-368-4006 (office) or 216-339-3861 (mobile), E-mail: corbin.covault@cwru.edu

Course Web Page: http://www.phys.cwru.edu/courses/p121
Lab Web Page: http://physicslabs.phys.cwru.edu/MECH/121
Optional Text: Physics for Engineers and Scientists, Vol 1, 3rd Ed. by Ohanian and Markert