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 Spring 2018

Course web pages that the department is hosting are linked below. Some of our course web pages may be found on Canvas. Some of our courses have no need for web pages. If you want your course linked/hosted here or need a bulletin board, let us know.
-- The Management

 100 Level Course Home Pages
Intro Labs
Phys 116:  Intro II, E&M
Phys 121:  General Physics I, Mechanics
Phys 122:  General Physics II, E&M
Phys 124:  Frontiers II, E&M
Phys 166:  Physics Today and Tomorrow
 200 Level Course Home Pages
Phys 204:  Advanced Instrumentation Lab
Phys 208:  Instrument Signal Analysis Lab
Phys 221:  Intro to Modern Physics
Phys 250:  Computational Methods in Physics

 300 Level Course Home Pages
Phys 302:  Advanced Laboratory Physics II
Phys 310:  Classical Mechanics
Phys 316:  Intro to Nuclear and Particle Physics
Phys 318:  Engineering Physics Lab II
Phys 324:  Electricity and Magnetism I
Phys 326:  Physical Optics
Phys 329: Independent Study
Phys 332:  Quantum Mechanics II
Phys 339:  Seminar
Phys 351:  Senior Physics Project
Phys 352:  Senior Physics Project Seminar
Phys 353:  Senior Engineering Physics Project
Phys 390:  Undergraduate Research in Physics

 Graduate Course Home Pages
Phys 414:  Classical and Stat Mech II
Phys 426:  Physical Optics
Phys 442: Physics of Condensed Matter II
Phys 472:  Graduate Physics Laboratory
Phys 482:  Quantum Mechanics II
Phys 492:  Modern Physics for Innovation II
Phys 539:  Special Topics
Phys 601:  Research in Physics
Phys 666:  Frontiers in Physics

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